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Mi Corazón Photography

About us

My name is yvonne

for me photography is like magic. She gives us the chance to see our beautiful  Memories again  shine  allow.  

So  we can take out our photo book in the future  and show our children how small they once were and how far they have developed. We can tell them the stories and bring them back to life with the photos. This brings us back to the beautiful moments with the unborn child in the stomach or the little button in the arm. These are memories that we always like to think back to and leave behind for future generations.

Mi Corazón Photography

I am Sascha

My passion for photography developed during my training as a photography specialist from 2009 to 2012. During this time, I specialized in the consultation and sale of photographic products, which enhanced my skills and understanding of the art of photography.

Through various positions over the past years, including as a lab manager in a leading photography shop and as an image editor in e-commerce, I was able to perfect and expand my knowledge in photo editing.

What fascinates me most about photography is the creative freedom and the endless possibilities of image post-processing. I see each photo as a canvas on which I can realize my artistic visions. With every click and every editing step, I strive to bring out the best in each image and delight families with unique, lasting visual memories.


I love taking pictures


I am Sascha

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I love life. :-)

Our passion is family photography

(Pregnancy, newborn and child photography). 


The connection between the unborn child and the parents-to-be is magical and has fascinated us since our education. This is how we came to the passion of family photography on a direct route (with various further training courses). Time goes by in no time, that's why it is our heart's desire to capture this magic as a memory in personal pictures.


Smile, and the world smiles with you

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Why the name  MiCorazón

I first heard the words 'Mi Corazón' from my stepmother when she tried to calm me down in a difficult situation. This affected my heart like sage and I felt safe and secure. Since then, these two words have symbolized the security and love between parents and children for me.


For me, Mi Corazó n is also an all-embracing symbol of pregnancy, the development of the newborn and the young family. The child - the missing piece to the complete heart.  



Because family means happiness

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