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General information:

For newborn photography, please register during your pregnancy if possible for a provisional appointment reservation after the expected birth date. This provisional date secures you a place in my calendar and I know who else is coming into the world and wants to be photographed by me. 🙂

Newborn shoots take place in the first two to three weeks of life. The best time for this is usually between 6 and 10 days old. (Exceptions are possible, e.g. in the case of premature births, etc.). During this time, the little ones are usually still very deeply asleep and you can pose them without them waking up. They are less likely to have colic and can easily assume the poses they were used to in the womb.

The personal, password-protected online gallery is used to select the images you like best. Depending on the package, you have already paid for more or fewer images in the shooting price. Additional pictures cost additionally according to the price list. Only the images that you select will be submitted and not all of them in the gallery.

The professional post-processing of the images is very important to me and turns them into the small works of art that you can find in the gallery on my website. For this reason, I generally do not hand out unedited images from the shoots. Thank you for your understanding.

Babies are best photographed as newborns, then again from around 6-8 months (sitting) and from around 9-12 months (sitting/standing). Long experience has shown that these are the most photogenic developmental stages in a baby's life.

For family photography, please dress in uniform colors if possible. Almost everyone has jeans and a white top, earth tones photograph very well. Please avoid wild patterns and large logos.

Baby bump shoots are best done between weeks 33 and 35. During this time, the belly is already pretty big and the little ones rarely get ahead of the photographer.  Of course, the expectant dad and other family members such as siblings can also be there. 🙂

Payment: you can pay in cash or with Twint directly after the shoot.

Cell phone cameras and other cameras: The lovingly designed setups with all kinds of props require a lot of preparation and, last but not least, investment. Taking photos with cell phones or other cameras you may bring with you in my studio is not permitted.

Illness: Out of consideration for subsequent customers and also for me, please postpone the shoot if any of you (including your child) feel unwell or ill.

Parking spaces: There are two visitor parking spaces at the beginning of the Werkstrasse 4 building, which are usually free. If not, there is a public parking lot in the immediate vicinity at Werkstrasse 1. You drive past it and it's just a few steps.

Delay: Please contact us by phone or email if you are more than 10 minutes late. Basically my waiting time is shooting time. If a shoot is scheduled for 2 p.m., the time starts then. I am happy to add 10 minutes, further extensions only if possible and at an additional cost.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

My colleague received all the unedited photos on CD from another photographer, why can't I have the same from you?
Just as with a sculptor it is the fine grinding and delicate work that turns a rough stone into a work of art of lasting value, professional image editing is very important to me and is simply part of my work. For me, quality counts, not quantity. It's important to me to show your little darling as perfectly as he is! The camera cannot see what is in front of it, so an unedited image is not “reality” but rather an interpretation of light, shadow and color that the sensor in the camera records and converts into an image.

What do we do if my baby doesn't sleep?

There is no guarantee of a sleeping baby! But I know ways to help your baby fall asleep. As small as they are, each newborn is their own individual and we take the photos they let us take. I have a lot of patience and if the parents are calm and relaxed, then the little ones usually are too.

Why does the baby have to sleep? Awake photos are nice too!
Photos with eyes open are very beautiful indeed! But awake newborns have a great need to move and are therefore fidgety. This is important for their development, but it makes them difficult to pose. These cute poses only work when they are sleeping. But of course we will also take photos of your child when they are awake. Wrapped tightly it works very well and the little ones feel comfortable.

I saw a cute pose, can you do the same with my baby?
I will only do the poses that are safe for your baby and allow him to do so. Not every baby likes every pose. And for me, the well-being of your little darling is my top priority.  

My baby has dander, is that a problem?
No, you can help by applying a little baby oil the morning before the shoot, just not too much so that the skin doesn't shine. Retouching the dead skin is part of the image processing and a few flakes in the skin folds can remain, they testify to the freshness of your child. 

Do you have the props such as baskets and dresses/scarves in your studio, or do I have to bring them myself?
The props and dresses etc. like in my gallery are usually available in my studio. Sometimes I dust something out and someone brings something that they would like to have included in the picture, such as a stuffed animal or something similar. Therefore, you may see things in the gallery that I either no longer have or that a customer brought with them.

What else do I need to bring to the shoot?
With the appointment confirmation you will receive comprehensive information about how the shooting will work, how you parents can best prepare and what you need to bring with you.

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